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From "Dave Pawson" <>
Subject Re: arg and jvmarg
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:13:21 GMT
On 16/04/2008, Steve Loughran <> wrote:

> > I've given up with the xslt task now;
> > Need it to handle a different parser (xercesImpl) for xIncludes
> > and Apache resolver.jar for catalogs - I don't think
> > the xslt task can hack that?
> >
>  -you should be using xercesImpl from ANT_HOME/lib anyway...drop in a new
> version if you want to change that.
>  -resolver.jar is used for catalog resolution; I dont know what happens with
> xincludes
>  if xinclude doesnt work when resolver.jar is on the classpath, that's a
> feature to fix...

See the <java example earlier.
Saxon needs the parser specifying with -x command line option?
 <arg line="-x"/>
   <arg line="-y"/>
   <arg line="-r "/>
I don't think (I'm not 100% sure though) it is available using a -D
system property.
Since <xslt/> task doesn't allow for 'command line' arguments of this type,
I don't think I can get it to work?

There is also an outsanding bug relating to Saxon
linked from a page with a solution
so it's all looking a bit messy?

I tried it with Xalan but that seems not to support the parser selection using
the <factory/> child :-)


Dave Pawson

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