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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: XSLT task fail rerouting
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:06:39 GMT
Madunic, Marijan (RBI-US) wrote:
> I've been looking at the attributes available to the XSLT task on do not
> see an attribute to define what to do if the xslt task fails.
> A bit of background first. Myself and a colleague are parsing 10s of
> thousands of XML files and every now and then an ill formed XML doc
> comes along. When this happens the entire process is terminated and we
> would like for the process to continue and to move the offending file to
> a directory to be parsed via tagsoup and then reparsed using the XSLT
> task.
> So my questions are:
> Does the fail task work as a child of xslt?
> If not what if anything can we do to stop the termination of the process
> if an ill formed XML doc comes along?

sounds like that is a bit of feature creep. If it is 
xml-well-formedness, then <xmlvalidate> and its child <schemavalidate> 
should do the work...what we want is for them to be able to create a 
refid to all the validated files, which could then be used to validate 
the components.  And a reference to all the invalid files to.

If such attrs existed you could go

<xmlvalidate validref="valid.xml" invalidref="invalid.xml">
  <fileset dir="xml" includes="**/*.html" />
<copy refid="valid.xml" destdir="build/xml/valid" />
<copy refid="invalid.xml" destdir="build/xml/tofix" />

Something to add as a feature request (better yet, with patches and 
docs) to bugzilla


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