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From Olivier Gies <>
Subject Re: Is recursive property evaluation supported?
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 02:02:56 GMT
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Subject: Is recursive property evaluation supported?
From: Shawn Castrianni <>
To: 'Ant Users List' <>
Date: 15/04/2008 07:12
> I was trying to present a list of choices for the user like an interactive textual menu.
 I produced the list of choices and set a property for each.  The user inputs a number corresponding
to the choice he wants, and I get the value corresponding to that choice via my properties
I set.  However, it doesn't work because I need to evaluate a recursive property expression:
> ${releaseName.${releaseName.selection}}
> where  ${releaseName.selection} would evaluate to the number they typed in [1, 2, 3...]
and then the outer property would be evaluated like ${releaseName.1} if they picked 1.
> Is this supported?  I was able to mix parameter evaluation inside property evaluation
and it worked fine:
> ${dllName.@{submodule}}<mailto:$%7bdllName.@%7bsubmodule%7d%7d>
> So I was surprised my recursive property evaluation didn't work.
> Any help presenting a list of choices to the user where they pick the number corresponding
to their choice would also be helpful.
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> Shawn Castrianni
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To my knowledge, this is not supported. The fact that mixed ${ @{ } } 
works, is most likely due to the 2-time processing by the <macrodef> 
first, then by the main Ant property parser.

If you want to achieve the same purpose as a nested ${ ${} }, I suggest 
you use <propertycopy> from ant-contrib, like this:

<propertycopy property="newprop" 
from="releaseName.${releaseName.selection}" />

See ant-contrib documentation for more details.


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