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From Andrew n marshall <>
Subject Re: NetBeans target "run" to .bat file (solved)
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 23:05:09 GMT
James Abley wrote:
> Why? You have a working ANT build file. Why can't you install ANT 
> where required? Maybe you could provide a batch file that checks for 
> the existence of ANT and installs it as required?
Not to be facetious, but do you require ant for your project's 

> Otherwise, I'd suggest just using your shell (cmd.exe) to build up the correct classpath,
and then create a batch file from that.

Well, yes, this was an attempt in that direction.  It still confuses 
me.  It complains about a missing javax/vecmath/Tuple3f.class, but I've 
put the vecmath.jar right there in the -classpath argument.  I've 
verified the vecmath.jar path, and that it contains said .class file.  
So I remain very confused why I might be getting this error in this 
batch file, but not via "ant run".

Irk...  Nevermind.  I just made some changes, making the paths in the 
classpath relative, and its working now.  I can't explain it.  Not sure 
why the absolute paths failed from the batch file.

Thanks anyways.


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