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From Ken Turner <>
Subject Problem with OUTOFDATE (ant-contrib) task
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 13:47:02 GMT

My problem is very simple: I have two parallel directory structures, 'Old'
and 'New',  which contain a variety of files and subdirectories.  Normally
the contents are identical, but I want to know whether any file has been
updated.  OUTOFDATE seems to be the perfect solution, but I can't get it to
work.  Here's what I've got:

<for list="${BPELModuleList}" param="ModuleName">
      <outofdate alltargets="AllTargets">
            <fileset dir="${bpelrootdir}@{ModuleName}" />
         <mapper type="identity"
            <!--  do this stuff if there have been any changes  -->

${bpelrootdir}@{ModuleName} points to the 'New' structure such as:
Q:\TRIPS2\Dev\Java\Projects\trips-bpel\ModuleOne, while the corresponding
'Old' structure is in

For debugging purposes I put in the alltargets parameter, expecting this to
list all the files in the 'Old' structure, but instead it lists those in the
'New' structure.

In the spec for OUTOFDATE, the dir attribute for the mapper nested element
says 'The directory to the sources are relative to for the mapper. Default
is ${base.dir}.'  Not quite sure what this means, but I assume it should
point to the target area - otherwise where do you specify the target area?

Can somebody please show me what code I need to achieve what I want?

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