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From Alex Miller <>
Subject Re: ant and svn
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 17:45:38 GMT
I've rely heavily on svn but I could not get the svn task to work
either.  Instead, I just use exec like this:

<target name="test" description="testing svn">
	<property file="svn.prop"/>
        <exec executable="svn" dir="${basedir}">
        	<arg value="export"/>
                <arg value="${svn.url}"/>
                <arg value="--username=${svn.user}"/>
                <arg value="--password=${svn.pass}"/>

I know this isn't a solution, but it's a workaround that might help you
until somebody can shed more light on the svn task for us.

On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 09:31 -0700, jpyork wrote:
> Does anyone use the svn task in there ant scripts?  I am trying to use svn
> update in my ant script and it just does not seem to work.
> this is what I have in my script:
> <target name="svn">
>      <svn username="mine" password="1234">
>               <update dir=""/>
>       </svn>
> </target>
> And this is what it says when the step is run:
> Svn: Updating
> update -r HEAD /Location/on/computer/running/script
> notify.skipped
> I have one master script above all my small projects and this is where I
> have the target thinking that if I have it in the top level, it will grab
> any updates below it.  I update and commit changes to files below the top
> level and they are not grabbed.

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