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From "Howard Lewis Ship" <>
Subject Sync and flatten at the same time?
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:46:09 GMT
I'm trying to synchronize a fileset into a directory using <sync>.

However, I also want to flatten the fileset as I synchronize.  I can
copy it over flattened,  no problem.  I just want to delete target
files that aren't in (the flattened) fileset.  <copy> accepts a
mapper, but <sync> doesn't.

I don't mind copying the files over and then deleting the excess, if
there's a way to accomplish that.

Background: the fileset is a set of dependencies obtained from the
Maven Ant Tasks. I'm using them to create a lib folder for my project
(so that it doesn't need Maven to build, just the Maven Ant tasks to
set it up).  I want to keep the files flattened, until I get a chance
to write some scripts to keep my co-worker's Eclipse .classpath
synchronized (I used IDEA).

Any hints?

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator Apache Tapestry and Apache HiveMind

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