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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Ant, Eclipse & CVS problem adding a file
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 19:24:13 GMT
Daniel Sanchez Gonzalez wrote:
> I've read this:
> "Use import to incorporate an entire source distribution from an outside source (e.g.,
a source vendor) into your source repository directory. You can use this command both for
initial creation of a repository, and for wholesale updates to the module from the outside

yes that's right

> And I only want to add a file to a CVS folder. Is it possible using import? 

hm, maybe i misread your first posting, thought it would be a
source tree from the somewhat strange error message
"there is a version in C:\workspace\component_name/....../builds/lib/at4-dao


../at4-dao is a directory, right ?!

btw, dealing with cvs for years now, i never had seen
your error message; only something like =
"there's no version ..."

So, we need some more details =

which version of cvs do you use ? cvs || cvsnt
which platform ?

That's what i took from your posting =

You have 2 projects in one eclipse workspace, means the
reside in the same filesystem.
Both projects are under revision control by cvs, means
when looking on the filesystem, you'll see those CVS
folders everywhere.

Project1 has the sources, you need to compile.
After compilation you want to create a jar in the
filesysem of Project2 and add/commit that, right ?

Maybe the file is already added, did you try
a commit only ?

Maybe you call the cvs command from the wrong
directory, means you need an existing cvs workspace
with CVS metainfos to call the cvs commands

And remember, unlike other cvs commands, add
ain't recursive and has no -R flag, means every
directory has to be added separately, f.e.

cvs add foo
cvs add foo/bar
cvs add foo/bar/foobar.jar

Regards, Gilbert

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