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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant build slower on two cores than on one core?
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 10:14:25 GMT
Michael Meyer wrote:
> --- Steve Loughran <> schrieb:

> I did not completely understand what you did mean with
> a vmware/xen build. Shall I install different OSs or
> shall I install Ubuntu Linux on top of ubuntu Linux in
> order to make sure that I did not change the default
> install significantly?

We use VMWare player/workstation/server to host an OS image whose sole 
aim in life is to do clean builds. The account there has off the shelf 
versions of ant 1.7, Sun Java 1.5, etc, and the svn account has read 
access to the repositories only. It is impossible to commit changes.

This lets me set the VM for doing a release while I can work on code in 
the main IDE-hosted system, with ant 1.8.0 alphas, Java 1.6 on a BEA 
JVM, and other stuff that would normally cause problems.

This makes it a good way of doing releases, as I can be 100% sure that 
we arent making java6, ant 1.8 changes (though the CI service would 
catch those), and it lets me work on new features while the next release 
is being tested. That said, yesterday's release fell through as
  -the clock was 4 hours slow (no idea why) and Amazon S3 was rejecting 
requests on the tests of S3 components
  -I can't FTP things up to sourceforge without the connection being 
closed. I need to look at that more, as it is holding us up.

> Unfortunately, I have neither VMware nor any Windows
> version. Additionally, I am not able to install Centos
> 5.1 (RHEL 5.1), as the RHEL kernel has no driver for
> my IDE Controller, which is why there is no DMA
> available and anything is dog slow.

ah, that doesnt help. VMware player and server are both free, work on 
ubuntu quite nicely, etc, *provided you have enough RAM*. My laptop 
doesnt :(

> So obviously, I should be able to install Ubuntu on
> top of Ubuntu and I could try to install Solaris 10 or
> SXDE on Ubuntu.

I use ubuntu everywhere I have a linux system; the Centos/RHEL  systems 
are for testing. Our software is shipped to customers as .rpms as well 
as tar/zip/izpack jars, so we need them around to build and test
Steve Loughran        
Author: Ant in Action 

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