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From Vijay Aravamudhan <>
Subject Verifying checksum of files after ftp'ing to remote server
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 20:51:25 GMT
In our build process, some files are ftp'ed onto a remote server. I 
would like to incorporate a step that can be used to verify that the ftp 
process worked correctly - by verifying the checksum of the local 
file(s) to the corresponding remote one(s). Could someone please help 
with how this can be done?
I have looked at the checksum task - but am not sure how to do this for 
a file that resides on a remote ftp server.

Here is a code snippet of the ant file that I would like to use:
    <target name="md5-checksums">
        <checksum file="${}" property="md5.local"/>
        <checksum file="${}" property="md5.remote"/>
        <condition property="md5.isValid">
            <equals arg1="${md5.local}" arg2="${md5.remote}"/>
            <istrue value="${md5.isValid}"/>
                <echo>${}: ok</echo>
                <fail message="${}: Wrong MD5 checksum !!!"/>


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