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From supareno <>
Subject exclude a loaded class from the classpath
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 14:00:09 GMT
hello everyone,

i'm facing to a BIG problem at my office...
i work for a company with strange practices. i have to make a build file 
for an old project...
the problem is:
(jar names are not the real one)

1- somebody redefines classes from A.jar in the project.
2- extends a class redefined from A.jar: the class redefines is 
in the project
3- so i didn't use A.jar in my classpath to avoid conflicts
4- But B.jar (that i need absolutely) is compiled with A.jar inside so 
when i lauch the build file, i've got a problem because it loads the 
class from A.jar to compile and not the class defined in the 
project :-(

when we build it with JBuilder2006 (yes, some entreprises olds 
JBuilder!) it works.

So my question is:

is it possible to use preferred class loaded in the javac task?? i would 
like to exclude from the classpath a class loaded from A.jar via B.jar : 
possible ???


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