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From Luca Ferrari <>
Subject problem with copy task
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 12:48:11 GMT
Hi all,
I've got the following task in my ant build file:

<target name="_copyDependencies" depends="_createDirectoryStructure" 
description="Copies all the jars this project depdends on contained in 
${src.lib.dir}"  if="${src.lib.dir}">
		<copy todir="${build.lib.dir}" >
			<fileset dir="${src.lib.dir}">
				<include name="*.jar" />

the idea is to copy all the jars in the src-lib file directory to the 
destination directory. ${src.lib.dir} points to the lib directory (that 
exists and is not empty), while the ${build.lib.dir} is build/lib (that 
exists). I've tried several time, and the same task into another build file 
with the same project layout works.

Any idea?


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