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From "LLCool Jay" <>
Subject testing garbled text
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 02:29:26 GMT
Oigrin of the n eA lam so nnkiacmed \\\T\h\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\e Grey
L\\\\\\\\\\\\\a\\y\d\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", Nkentacut tekas its name from a wrod
in an Eatesrn Aioalungqn lgaugane of srohteun New Ennlagd, orinaiglly
slleped vorulsaiy as ncaotke, nitanacn, and naauitcn. The mneanig of the
trem is utrcianen, thuogh it may hvae maent
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\i\\\\\\\\\\\n the mdsit of
w\\\\\\\\\\\te,\\\\\\\s\\\\\\\\\a\\r\\" or
\\\\\\\\\\fa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"r aawy
i\\d\\\\\l\\\\\\\s\\\n\\\\\\.\\\\\a\\\" [ [ te]d1i ] H 1s0y8tiro 7s seetrt
sncee on N.7tn ut1c e80aks street secne on Nt ettue.nd ci [ka] Bein n
sighngTe i\\\\\\\s\\\'\\\\\\\\d\\\\\\\\\aln\\\\s beggniinns in wreestn
hsority can pilbossy be tecrad to its cecteurojnd shiingtg by Nseormen in
the 11th cenrtuy. But it was not uitnl 1602 that Caatpin Boethmaorlw Glsoond
of Foulmath, Enalgnd sailed his bark Coocnrd psat the bluffs of Scaiosesnt
and relaly put Nntukaect on the map.. The
i\\\a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\l\\'s\\\\dn\\\\\\\\s onairigl ibahntaints, the Waopaanmg
Inaidns, lvied urseiudnbtd utnil 1641 when the ilansd was dedeed by the
Elngish (hte aitoeiruths in corotnl of all land from the csaot of Mnaie to
New Ykor) to Tamohs Mehayw and his son,, mhectanrs of Wowettarn and
Mt\'\\\\\h\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\a\\\\\r\\\a\s Vyniraed. Nekacutnt was prat of
Dekus Cntouy, New York utnil 1961, when it was trrneeafsrd to the nlewy
freomd Pnrvicoe of Methcsausstas Bay and split off to from Ntcanuket Cuonty.
The etirne area of the New York cutony had been phrasuecd by Tohmas Mehyaw
Sr.. of Wwaortetn, Mcastashseuts, in 1641, biynug out ctionmpeg lnad cmalis.
The eeasrlit Esiglnh setneltmet in the area beagn on nerohnbiigg iasnld
M\a\\\\\\\'\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\t\h\\\a\s Vrai de.Ayn s Epaoenrus bagen to
slette Cpae Cod,, the ialnsd bemace a pacle of rufege for rnoaeigl Innaids,
as Nknucteat was not yet setletd by Eernoupas. The gonirwg paooiultpn of
Nvtiae Acremnais wcleemod senasoal gupros of Idnnias who taleevrd to the
ilansd to fish and later hsarvet wlheas taht wesahd up on s [ ehodi e.t r]
Eisglnh slet mntaeer Gett Piont LarieGho e ghstut Piont Lse guhoh Tih te
horisty of Nk\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\a\t\\'e\\\\\cut\s seeltetmnt by the
Engislh did not bagen in eersnat uitnl 1659, wehn Tmohas Mheyaw sold his
ineetrst to the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\i\\\n\\n\\"\\\\e oriaingl
p\h\a\\\\\\,\r\\\\\\\o\\s\\e\\\\\\\\rc\s\\" Tisartrm Coiffn, Taohms Macy,
Cthheorpsir Hseusy, Rirhcad Snawye, Tahmos Barrand, Pteer Cioffn, Sephetn
Gnereefale, Jhon Syawne and Wlliaim Pkie,
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\f\\\o\\\\r the sum of ttirhy P.nns.o.audd also two
beaevr htas, one for myslef, and one for my w\f \\\e.\ \\\\\\\\ci\e\\\ \"uN
\\a\k\\\\n\\t\\\\t was frmoelry the w\\\\\\d\\\\\l\\\\\r\\o\\\'\\\\\\\\\\s
leiandg wlhnaig poaitit[tcorn nedede] (and sltil srvees as hmoe port for a
slaml fnishig iutsydrn). Hmearn Mevlllie ctnommes on
N\\\\\\\\\c\\\\a\tk\n\t\\\\\\\e\\\\\\\u\'s wlaihng dconmniae in Mboy Dcik,
Cteahpr 14: \\\w\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\T"\\\\\\\o tidrhs of tihs tqurruaeoes
goble are the N\\\ae\\\e\k\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\t\c'\\tu\\\\s. For the sea is
his; he onws it,, as Emrerops own e\lame\\\\\\"\\s \\\r\\
\.\\\\\\\\\h\pi\\\\W\\e wantrevhaee aotp the Ntukcenat Hasociirtl
Asiosaticon Walhing Mu Wusl aehme wrhaeetnave atop the Netunackt Horiaictsl
Acoitisaosn Wnalhig Mme u suB y the Civil War,, wihlang was in dnciele and
the isanld srueeffd graet ecmonoic hdpahirss, wornseed by the 1486
\\\\\r\\"a\\\\\\\\\\e\\\G\\\\\\\\\\\t F\\\\i\\\\\\\\\\\\e\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\"
that, fueled by wlhae oil and lebumr, deetsaavtd the mian town, bnruing some
36 aecrs. It lfet hrudedns heeolsms and pretvoy secktirn, and mnay plpoee
lfet the is. d t[ealdin] Later htro isA ys a rsluet of tihs doutliappoen,
the ilnsad was lfet uer-dpoevednled and iatolsed until the mit-2d0h ceturny.
The ilitsooan kept many of the pr-ivCiel War bidunilgs ianctt and by the
1950s, eetrnspiirng drelpevoes bagen buying up lgrae soinects of the isanld
and reortnisg them to cerate an uemakprt doansteiitn for the wleahty in the
Nraeshotertn Uenitd Stteas. This hgilhy clnotorled depoevlemnt can be
cmoraepd to noeinihrbgg M\\'\\\\\\\\\r\\\\h\\\\\\ta\\\\\\\a\\\s Vaiyrend,
the dlpnmeevoet of wichh severd as a model for waht the Netkuacnt drploevees
wentad to avo .Idi n the 1609s Ntecuankt and
M\\\\\\\a\\\h\\\\\\r\\\'\a\\\\\\\\\\\ts Vyeinard conrdesied sdneeicg from
the Cmtwnlmoeaoh of Mt2chsss[aetas.u] In 1797, Nekancutt and
M\\'\\\\\\t\\\\\h\\\a\\\\\r\\a\\\\\\\\s Vaeyrnid aaclltuy atepttmed
(fsuuclsunelsyc) to seedce from the Cwmtomloaneh of Mchatusssetas. The
ssesicoen vtoe was skeprad by a ppesrood cahnge to the Msttuecasshas
Cnttutsiioon, wchih rcdueed the i\l\\\\\\\\n\\\\\s\d\\\\\s\\\\\\\\\\a\'
raietepnotrsen in the Muctsetshsaas Ganreel Cdtr . oe ui[t] Goeogly and ge
AoNpa hgSryA stiellate Image of Nceuatknt IAlS nNas dA sllatitee Igmae of
Ntunkecat Ideunkn Nsat a lct was fomred by the uetstomrt rceah of the
Latrndieue Sukhpreet Singh Ice Seeht dnriug the recnet Wisscionn Gtiaaliocn,
spehad by the suuseebnqt rsie in sea level. The
i\\\\'l\\as\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\d\\\s low rdgie aoscrs the netrrhon
sioetcn was dpteiesod as gailcal mnoriae dnuirg a poeird of galiacl
slntstadil, a poeird drinug which tlil cniunetod to arvire, but mlteed at a
staoatirny fnrot. The surtoehn prat of the ilnasd is an oustawh pilan,
soniplg away form the arc of mrionae and speahd at its mgarins by the
sirotng aoticns and tonsrarpt of losrhnoge dirft. Nncketaut beacme an inlsad
wehn rsniig sea leevls roeelodfd Burzzads Bay auobt 5-0000060 yraes ag.[3o]

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