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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: XSL, Ant and different input files
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2008 14:53:24 GMT


Have you looked at the relatively brief one page of documentation for
the XSLT task in the Ant manual?

You want to look for sending the target directory for your lookup files
into the transformation as params. You can also specify the filename
paramter name as an attribute on the XSLT task element (see the manual
page). Then you would concat the target dir with the filename and use
the document function to work on it.


On Sat, 2008-03-15 at 07:30 -0700, Z W wrote:
> Hi
> I have 2 different xml data files with the same filename named zw.xml in 2
> separate directories.
> Each contains lines similar to these lines below
> <Results version="1.0">
> <sample label="Confirmation" success="true"/>
> In my xsl, I have <xsl:variable name="totalSuccess"
> select="count(/Results/*[attribute::label='Confirmation'
> and attribute::success='true'])"/>
> I have 2 properties named d1, d2 in Ant where each point the directory
> containing zw.xml.
> How do I import or retrieve those properties so that I could use them to
> reference in my xsl for above ?
> Also what's the syntax which includes the filename so that my xsl would
> count the right number from the correctly referenced xml data file ?
> Thanks

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