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From Steven Guitar <>
Subject Re: headless build vs. eclipse build
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 19:57:42 GMT

actually in eclipse(WSAD actually) its pointing to the bundled jre's  
that came with the IDE and for my system env vars, i have a ANT_HOME  
and a JAVA_HOME that are different paths than whats in the IDE.

as i stated, the jar works fine as far as the web apps compile,  
resolve and run code requested from the jars. its just the logging.  
not that i disagree that this discrepency is the issue, i just wanted  
to be clear on what im struggling with.

anyway, it seems that they are different. is that what is to blame?

On Feb 6, 2008, at 1:44 PM, Martin Gainty wrote:

> Steve
> In Eclipse goto
> Window
> Preferences
> Java
> Installed JREs
> Execution Environment
> are you perhaps using a JRE different than the one ANT uses from  
> command
> line (check env var JRE_HOME for ANTs default JRE)
> ?
> Martin-
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> From: "Steven Guitar" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 1:57 PM
> Subject: headless build vs. eclipse build
>> Hey guys,
>> i have written a headless build for a jar file that we use for our
>> framework to distribute to other developers. the jar file is given to
>> web developers who deploy their web apps to websphere app server, and
>> the jar file created from ant works fine.
>> when you start the server up with logging turned on, im getting some
>> weirdness in the logging of information pulled from the manifest  
>> file.
>> the manifest file has entries for implementation title, vendor, and
>> version and everything looks good. however, when the logger tries to
>> report what those values are at runtime, one of my 3 jars that ant
>> builds for the framework reports the information from another jar.
>> 2 of the 3 work fine, but 1st to load gets #2's info, and 2 and 3 are
>> their own info as they are supposed to be. this is confusing because
>> this is how we keep developers the ability to know if they are up to
>> date on the version of the framework.
>> if i take the jars built straight from WSAD (eclipse) and distribute
>> those, everything is fine. i have examined the jar files and the
>> manifest files and everything seems in order. there are slight
>> differences in the manifest, but nothing more than the ordering of  
>> the
>> attributes.
>> i have tried to build the jar, and overwrite the ant built jar's
>> manifest with the manifest file from WSAD and that still does not  
>> work.
>> im sorta wondering if there is something else that WSAD does when
>> exporting jars that ant does not do that i am missing.
>> i have been trying to search this problem, but i cannot figure out  
>> the
>> culprit enough to know how to search for help. thought id give this a
>> shot!
>> Thanks in advance
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