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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: SQL task and resource collections ...
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 14:36:01 GMT

--- John Shott <> wrote:

> Matt:
> Thanks for your quick response ... I had been
> unaware of the 
> <resourcecount> task/condition and will begin
> reading up on it 
> immediately as that is clearly a useful feature in
> cases such as this one.
> I particularly appreciate the fact that you and
> Steve have both taken 
> the time to look into my particular case despite
> what I'm assuming is a 
> busy schedule as key contributors to the ant
> development team.

Well, actually, there were several things working in
your favor:  I've seen that type of problem before,
and the test db server at my day job was down; I
needed it for some integration testing I was doing, so
this gave me some free time.  It also didn't hurt that
I'd had lunch that day with an old colleague who asked
how much Ant work I'd been doing lately, so I had a
little fresh guilt to motivate me.  :)  In any event,
you're welcome.


> Thank you for your contributions,
> John
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