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From Steven Guitar <>
Subject headless build vs. eclipse build
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 18:57:58 GMT
Hey guys,

i have written a headless build for a jar file that we use for our  
framework to distribute to other developers. the jar file is given to  
web developers who deploy their web apps to websphere app server, and  
the jar file created from ant works fine.

when you start the server up with logging turned on, im getting some  
weirdness in the logging of information pulled from the manifest file.  
the manifest file has entries for implementation title, vendor, and  
version and everything looks good. however, when the logger tries to  
report what those values are at runtime, one of my 3 jars that ant  
builds for the framework reports the information from another jar.

2 of the 3 work fine, but 1st to load gets #2's info, and 2 and 3 are  
their own info as they are supposed to be. this is confusing because  
this is how we keep developers the ability to know if they are up to  
date on the version of the framework.

if i take the jars built straight from WSAD (eclipse) and distribute  
those, everything is fine. i have examined the jar files and the  
manifest files and everything seems in order. there are slight  
differences in the manifest, but nothing more than the ordering of the  

i have tried to build the jar, and overwrite the ant built jar's  
manifest with the manifest file from WSAD and that still does not work.

im sorta wondering if there is something else that WSAD does when  
exporting jars that ant does not do that i am missing.

i have been trying to search this problem, but i cannot figure out the  
culprit enough to know how to search for help. thought id give this a  

Thanks in advance

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