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From Wayne T Richards <>
Subject Building a Jar for SPI application
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 04:40:33 GMT
I am having problems building my ant script to build my SPI jar file and 
to create the MANIFEST.MF file. I have use the metainf directive to move 
the SPI properties file to the META-INF/ directory. The problem that I 
am getting into is the the SPI properties file should be located in the 
META-INF/services directory. The task below shows what I am currently 
doing (I hope).

        <!-- Put everything in ${build} into the*.jar file -->
            <include name="${build}"/>
            <fileset dir="${build}" includes="**/*">
                <include name="${build}/org/raven/**/*.class"/>
            <fileset dir="${service.props}" includes="**/*">
                <include name="${service.props}/services/**/*" />
                <attribute name="Built-By" value="${}"/>
                <section name="${component.plainname}">
                    <attribute name="Sealed" value="false"/>
                    <attribute name="Specification-Title" 
value="${}" />
                    <attribute name="Specification-Version" 
value="${component.version}" />
                    <attribute name="Specification-Vendor" 
value="${component.vendor}" />
                    <attribute name="Implementation-Title" 
value="${}" />
                    <attribute name="Implementation-Version" 
value="${component.version} ${TODAY}" />
                    <attribute name="Implementation-Vendor" 
value="${component.vendor}" />
                <attribute name="Class-Path" 
value="${}-${component.version}.jar" />

I cannot figure out how to have ant to create the META-INF/services 
directory and move the SPI properties file into that directory.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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