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From Dimitris Mouchritsas <>
Subject Trying to intersect resources(?)
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 10:49:41 GMT
Hi all,
I'm trying to write an uptodate target for an xdoclet target to depend 
upon, so xdoclet doesn't get called every time.
The objects I'm trying to check for have hibernate mapping files. The 
problem is, not all of them have corresponding
mapping files. So for example the following target:

    <target name="domain-generated-sources">
        <uptodate property="domain.doclet.not.needed">
            <srcfiles dir="${src.dir}">       
                <include name="**/domain/**/*.java"/>
                <include name="**/web/bean/*.java"/>
                <include name="**/hibernate/type/**/*.java"/>
                <globmapper from="*" to="${}/" />
                <globmapper from="*.java" to="*.hbm.xml" />


doesn't work, because there are java files that don't have the 
corresponding .hbm.xml file.
Is there a way I could say in srcfiles: "Include all the files that I'm 
telling you (using <include name...)
but who also have a corresponding *.hbm.xml file in the 
${}?" I tried to take a look at
intersect but there are zero examples I could find. Thanks.

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