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From "David Brown" <>
Subject Re: Check process on remote host - Can Ant do that ?
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 16:47:40 GMT
Hello Steve, this is the wrong ML so I will keep it short. I have complete steps 1 and 2 below.
There is not if any traffic on the smartfrog-users ML. I cannot the the smarfrog or sfDaemon
to start to be able to complete step #3. What is the best venue to get some advice? Please
advise, David.

Steve Loughran wrote ..
> David Brown wrote:
> > Hello Steve, I am subscribed to various MLs such as Ant and Tomcat because I
> seem to find something that grabs my interest almost daily. And, the smartfrog
> link below is no exception. I went directly to smartfrog and I have been reading
> avidly for several hours. 
> >And, I agree with the rhetoric so far that smartfrog is not arcane but is overwhelming
> to the new user because of all the features (reminds me of JMeter). 
> >My current gig is a Tomcat/JBoss assessment for a company that is in dire need
> of performance tuning and some type of vertical of horizontal scaling 
>  >such that their current web app and web service installations can 
> scale up to 25k users. I am currently using JMeter for remote 
> distributed testing
>  > but what I need more are multiple instances of their servlet 
> containers (Tomcat & JBoss). JBoss lends it self to multiple instances 
> very handily
>  >but their current Tomcat 5.5 by what I have seen on the Tomcat ML can 
> be problematic to configure and difficult to maintain as a
>  >stable multiple instance server. My question is (before I spend a 
> gazillion hours working-out the smartfrog examples) can smartfrog help
>  > toward creating a computing grid using disparate machines and 
> disparate systems of disparate JDKs/JREs and disparate Tomcat versions?
> disparate JDKs is trouble. What we like to do in that world is push out 
> the right JDK versions, usually by uploading and installing the RPMs. 
> That said, as long as you are running java5+, SmartFrog is happy.
> The way to view SmartFrog is the components and the runtimes to do large 
> cluster systems, but not some nice shrink-wrapped tool to do it for you. 
> What we use for big systems is:
> - Anubis ( ) so that 
> deployed nodes can find each other without a central manager. This is a 
> tuple space that notifies peers on a LAN when nodes come and go.
> -a special anubisdeployer that deploys work to any machine matching the 
> requirements
> -a CpuMonitor component that runs vmstat to determine current system 
> load. This is used to trigger requests new machines, and for machines to 
> declare themselves idle, when they can be returned to the pool.
> There's a big dynamicwebserver example that installs and runs apache 
> httpd on demand; Supporting Tomcat should be similar; its just not (yet) 
> something anyone's put together
>  >What are the advantages of smartfrog over just using JMeter and 
> load-balancing? I read the PDF whitepaper: Globus Toolkit and smartfrog 
> but that reading did not lead to anymore confidence.
>  > What happened to the day when I had time to read the Loughran/Hatcher 
> Ant book and then go-to-work? Please advise, David.
> I dont know what happened to time either.
> Where things get interesting over basic load balancing is when you 
> allocate real/virtual machines on demand. With virtualisation (I'm doing 
> stuff with amazon's EC2 farm right now), you really can do interesting 
> stuff. There's some VMWare components being done in the Open Source 
> repository; demand allocation of VMs followed by configuration of the 
> deployed machines. This is both cost effective and agile.
> see also: 
> What I'd recommend you do is
>   1. grab today's release, preferably the self-installing JAR or the 
> linux RPMs
>   2. Get on the smartfrog-users mailing list and discuss what you want 
> to do; see if we can't come up with the right combination of things:
> 3. Pick something small, like database+app server, before going for the 
> 200+ node server farms.
> -steve
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> Steve Loughran        
> Author: Ant in Action 
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