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From Prashant Reddy <>
Subject Fail build when 'replace' task cannot find expected number of tokens
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 12:06:07 GMT
Hello ANT users,

Using ANT 1.6.5, a build XML i am using makes use of <replace> task to
replace certain token in a bunch of Javascript files.

I would like the build to fail when the replace of a token fails, so
that when someone changes the source file such that <replace> does not
find any tokens to replace; the incident is caught straight away.

Right now replace only supports printing of summary containing number of
tokens that were replaced, but this is not good enough for me.

Humm...Sounds like i should look up if ant-unit can help me out.

I would appreciate any suggestions. (Apart from using resourcecount
which is in ANT 1.7)

Thanks for your time.

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