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From Mario Madunic <>
Subject unusual error message starting to popup when using <xslt> task
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 18:40:29 GMT
ant - 1.7.0
java - 1.6.0_02

The following ant task has been used successfully daily for around 6 months and
in the last half hour I've been receiving an unusual error message (at least to me).

<property name="l_Drive" value="c:\" />
<property name="l_Fileset" value="test2" />
<target name="main">
    <fileset dir="${l_Drive}RBI\NWP\finished2">
      <filename name="*.*" />
  <!-- parse the documents with ContentCleanupSecondPass.xsl -->
  <xslt basedir="${l_Drive}RBI\NWP\${l_Fileset}"
destdir="${l_Drive}RBI\NWP\finished2"  includes="*.*"
style="${l_Drive}RBI\NWP\XSLT\ContentCleanupSecondPass.xsl" />

here is a copy of the error message. (I run the ant task from a bat file)

C:\RBI\NWP>set ANT_OPTS="-Xmx1024m"   && ant -f
Buildfile: c:\RBI\NWP\antTasks\ContentCleanupSecondPass.xml

     [xslt] Transforming into c:\RBI\NWP\finished2
     [xslt] Processing c:\RBI\NWP\test2\Classified-TWICE-2140029754.xml to
     [xslt] Loading stylesheet c:\RBI\NWP\XSLT\ContentCleanupSecondPass.xsl
     [xslt] Failed to process null

javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Could not load the
translet class 'ContentCleanupSecondPass'.

I've searched the web for this and only found references to xalan and tomcat.
I'm using saxon9.jar.

I've tried rebooting and that didn't work. I'll try replace saxon9 with saxon8
and see what happens.

Any help will be appreciated.

Marijan (Mario) Madunic

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