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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Building a J2EE 1.4 app using ant on OS X
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:37:12 GMT

> We're running OC4J 10.1.2 which obviously runs J2EE 1.4. I need to be able to
> build with J2EE on a mac but can't work out how to install and then
> subsequently reference J2EE 1.4 when building the app. We're using an ant
> task to build the app. I get lots of errors saying that HttpServletRequest
> can't be found, which obviously means that it can't find j2ee.jar.
> How do you install J2EE 1.4 on a Power PC mac?

First OSX is a unix variant, so you should treat compiling java apps
(of any kind) as you would compiling java apps on a unix/linux box

> We mainly develop on Windows but we're trying to give our designers (with
> PowerPC macs) the ability to do builds and deployments themselves.

I think you mean 'how do I get ant to build a j2ee app on OSX', not
how do I install j2ee on a mac?

If you read the ant manual you can see how to configure a <classpath>
that should contain servlet.jar and servlet-api.jar

running ant on the Mac/OSX is the same as on any other os, open a
terminal, cd to the correct directory (of your project) and then ant

If you currently use your IDE to build, then you first need to ignore
your normal build process as the IDE is probably not installed (or
indeed available) for OSX


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