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From <>
Subject AW: AW: extended parallelism
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 18:07:39 GMT
> sure. But if you would use <parallel> and parallel execution 
> of targets at the 
> same time, you could end up in many more executing threads 
> than the system can 
> efficiently cope with (memory, CPU, I/O wise). One could try 
> to break the target 
> parallelism down to the task parallelism on the 
> implementation level and handle 
> everything there, i.e. at the end, there are only tasks with certain 
> dependencies that shall be executed in parallel. But I know 
> nearly no details 
> about ant's implementation and don't want to take my users' 
> hat off my head at 
> the moment.

Usually tasks have to be processed sequentially.
   <mkdir dir="${classes}"/>
   <javac todir="${classes}".../>

   <jar destfile="${}-${dstamp}.jar" .../>


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