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From "Hudson Ansley" <>
Subject newbie question: variable scope
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:33:06 GMT
I'm trying to use the discouraged "var" to keep track of updated files
for a final upload step. It appears that when I change a variable in
one target, that change is not reflected from another target. I
imagine I am going about this the wrong way, so besides explaining why
this might be happening, a suggestion for a different approach would
also be welcome. Here is exactly what I'm doing

1) conditionally compile from source (if source has changed)

2) conditionally create a file using XSLT (if source changed)

3) upload one or both of those files, or don't even bother to open a
connection if neither has been updated.

#3 is where I'm having problems. I thought I could gather the
respective files in a string in the targets for 1 & 2 and use that in
this target, but that is where I am running into issues with changes
made in a var in #1 and #2 not showing in #3

Thanks in advance for any help - I'm sure I'm missing something
simple, but I did go over the help and search old messages before

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