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From "Toomey, Kevin H (ATS, IT)" <>
Subject RE: <antcall> target unable to find buildfile
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:48:11 GMT
The ":"s and "!" are the result of the "url.toExternalForm()" method call done earlier and
are valid. With that syntax, the ProjectHelper2 class is able to read the buildfile from the
The problem occurs when during the subsequent <antcall> within the buildfile. The Ant
class uses the string ${basedir} (which is set to C:\FactoryFloor\widgets\MyApp\IterativeBuild\)
and adds ${ant.file} (which is set to jar:file:\C:\SDF_Factory\lib\sdfant.jar!\config\int\SDFAntCommon.xml)
and tries to find the file on the file system. 

If the Ant class were to simple try and find "jar:file:\C:\SDF_Factory\lib\sdfant.jar!\config\int\SDFAntCommon.xml"
as a URL on the classpath, it would work.

Just to clarify my example, while the end goal is for this to run within a web application
(*.war), the examples shown are from me executing code using a command line and jar file containing
the ${ant.file}.

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From: Chuck Holzwarth []
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 11:30 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: <antcall> target unable to find buildfile

The line after the error looks like the problem.


Are the ":"s and "!" valid for the path you are trying to use?

"Toomey, Kevin H (ATS, IT)" <> wrote: I use Ant as the workhorse
of a web application used across our enterprise for all manner of software construction tasks
for ~100 applications. I have a class (AntTask) which gets instantiated for each request (build,
deployment, test, etc.).  The class creates an org.apache.ant.Project, sets it's properties
and then sets the appropriate ${ant.file} which is found via the classpath using:

ClassLoader cl = this.getClass().getClassLoader();
URL url = cl.getResource("myAntFile"));
project.setUserProperty("ant.file", url.toExternalForm());
ProjectHelper2 ph2 = new ProjectHelper2();
ph2.parse(project, url);

I also create a temporary work area and set that as the "basedir" of the Project before running

Everything works fine unless my ${ant.file} uses the  task. Even though the called target
is in the same ant.file, I get an error:

" C:\FactoryFloor\widgets\MyApp\IterativeBuild\jar:file:\C:\SDF_Factory\lib\sdfant.jar!\config\int\SDFAntCommon.xml"

c:\FactoryFloor\widgets\MyApp\IterativeBuild is the directory that was set as the project's
${basedir}. In looking at the source files for  ( and Ant (, things
are basically working correctly. assumes the build file is resident on the file system
either in, or relative to, the project ${basedir}. 

Am I missing something? Is there a way around this aside from reading the ${ant.file} at startup
and then writing it to a location on the file system? That's not a huge deal to do, but I'd
rather keep everything in the *.war.


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