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From "Agarkar, M (Milind)" <>
Subject RE: Passing properties as parameters to different targets in a build file
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 07:49:35 GMT
if you have log.dir read from the properties file, it is already set, so
you may not be able to set it again

We use something like this

<property file=../../>

<target name="start-all" description="...">
	<foreach list="${env.start}" param="${}"/>

You can either change name of the default property OR local property

-----Original Message-----
From: Shankar S [] 
Sent: 02 December 2007 21:58
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Passing properties as parameters to different targets in a
build file

Hi all,

I have a file that define a set of properties for my
build system.
log.dir and build.dir are defined in Based upon
user's confirguration these values are changed at build time.

My build.xml looks something like this:

<project name="TEST" default="Build_SS" basedir=".">
  <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/" />
  <taskdef name="for" classname="net.sf.antcontrib.logic.ForTask"/>
  <!-- Set the environment to access the environment variables -->
  <property environment="env" />

  <!-- Set the project property file -->
  <property file="" />

  <!-- Update the timestamp -->

  <!-- Set up the build and log directories -->
   <equals arg1="${cvs.checkout}" arg2="true" />
   <equals arg1="${build.dir}" arg2="CVS_DIR" />
  <var name="build.dir" value="${root.dir}/${DSTAMP}_${TSTAMP}" />
  <var name="log.dir"
  <mkdir dir="${log.dir}" />
  <mkdir dir="${build.dir}" />
  <var name="build.dir" value="${local_root.dir}" />
  <var name="log.dir" value="${local_log.dir}" />  </else>
   <target name="Build_SS" >
   <equals arg1="${cvs.tag}" arg2="true" />
   *<antcall target="Tag_All_CVS_Modules">
*    <param name="log.dir" value="${log.dir}"/>

<target name="Tag_All_CVS_Modules" >
 <echo message="Log directory --> ${log.dir}" /> </target>

Firstly log.dir value is not being passed to target
*"Tag_All_CVS_Modules".* Secondly I tried passing the value using
<param/> but no luck with that either.

Is there a way to pass log.dir (and other properties) to different
targets in the same build file.

Thanks in advance;

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