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From Klaus Malorny <>
Subject Re: AW: extended parallelism
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 17:10:04 GMT wrote:
>> Thinking a little bit more about the issue, I was wondering
>> whether it would be
>> a good idea to integrate the target-level parallelism (as
>> discussed here) and
>> the task-level parallelism (i.e.
>>  task) into one beast, as such issues
>> like output handling and maximum number of threads executed
>> in parallel could
>> benefit from it.
> On target level you already have dependencies.
> On task level you have not.
> Basically a task depends on all previous noted tasks.
> You can parallelize them with <parallel>
> Jan


sure. But if you would use <parallel> and parallel execution of targets at the 
same time, you could end up in many more executing threads than the system can 
efficiently cope with (memory, CPU, I/O wise). One could try to break the target 
parallelism down to the task parallelism on the implementation level and handle 
everything there, i.e. at the end, there are only tasks with certain 
dependencies that shall be executed in parallel. But I know nearly no details 
about ant's implementation and don't want to take my users' hat off my head at 
the moment.


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