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From Klaus Malorny <>
Subject extended parallelism
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:09:58 GMT


with the increased availability of multi-core systems, I am wondering whether
there are ways to improve the capabilities of Ant to parallelize the build
process. While it is possible to execute tasks in parallel within a target, it
seems to not be simple to execute multiple targets in parallel. My vision is
an extension to the "depends" attribute: if a pipe is used instead of a comma,
the target does not care about the order and the targets may be executed in 
parallel by Ant. I would also add parenthesis to group things. For example, "(a 
| (b, c)), d)" means, c must be executed after b, but both may be executed in 
parallel to a, while d must be executed only after completion of a, b and c. Of 
course, more constraints may occur in the dependent targets, e.g. if c depends 
on a, they can't be executed in parallel. Just an idea, feel free to ignore it ;-)


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