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From Ingo Siebert <>
Subject howto reuse includes and excludes definitions for different filesets
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 15:39:16 GMT

i have to create two files: and binary.jar .

The contains the source code files and the binary.jar contains
the class files.

They only contains a _subset_ of my complete project.
That's why i have to filesets.

<fileset dir="${src.dir}" id="client.src.fileset" >
   <include name="de/cas/abc/abcobject/**" />
	// ...
   <exclude name="**/package.html" />

<fileset dir="${class.dir}" id="client.class.fileset" >
   <include name="de/cas/abc/abcobject/**" />
	// ...
   <exclude name="**/package.html" />

But i don't want to maintain the includes and excludes two times in my
build file. It there a way the define the includes and excludes only one

Any great ideas?


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