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From "Gabriele Bodda" <>
Subject Re: Headless Ant: problems with loggers and listeners
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 20:07:02 GMT
Hi, I've found one more element.

I got exactly the same error if I launch Ant through Eclipse with ANY
listener, even with "-listener" that happens
to be cited even in the Ant manual.

To be more precise: it seems like the parameter -listener doesn't work when
you launch Ant from INSIDE Eclipse (Run -> Ant Build...) or as an Eclipse
application (at the end, it should be the same...)

So, it isn't directly related to CC (if I run "ant" from the command line it
works fine even with all the CC listeners and loggers), but I need it fixed
if I want to use CC with my build script... Any ideas? It seems really
strange to me that you can't use the -listener parameter when you run a
build inside eclipse!


On 11/2/07, Gabriele Bodda <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> my name is Gabriele, I'm trying to automate my build process using
> CruiseControl but I'm currently experiencing some critical problems with the
> Ant command it generates.
> Our project is developed using WebSphere Integration Developer (you know,
> IBM-enhanced Eclipse), under Windows XP Professional.
> My Ant script is quite standard, but it uses some of the custom tasks that
> come inside the IDE plugins, such as "workspaceBuild" or "exportEar" .
> I've read into the documentation that, in order to get access to the
> resources required by this kind of build script, I need to configure CC to
> start Ant externally via java. I have therefore written a customized
> runAnt.bat, and from the logs I see that the complete command launched by
> CC is this:
> "D:\Programmi\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\eclipse\jre\bin\java"
> -cp "D:\Programmi\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\eclipse\startup.jar"
> org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main
> -application
> -data "D:\Temp\CC\checkout"
> -logger
> -listener
> -listener
> -DXmlLogger.file=log.xml
> -lib D:\Programmi\CruiseControl\lib\cruisecontrol-antprogresslogger.jar
> -debug
> -Dcclastbuildtimestamp=20071029000000
> -Dbuildforced=false
> -Dlabel=build.1
> -Dcclastgoodbuildtimestamp=20071029000000
> -Dlastbuildsuccessful=false
> "-Dcvstimestamp=2007-11-01 21:29:04 GMT"
> -Dprojectname=Pagamenti
> -Dcctimestamp=20071101222904
> -buildfile build.xml build
> Do you see anything wrong in it? The point is that it doesn't work, not
> only when CC launches it, but also if I launch it manually (and this why I
> came here looking for help...)
> Moreover, it doesn't tell me anything useful to undestand what's wrong.
> An important fact I'd like to point out to you is that everything works
> well if I launch the same command without these parameters:
> -logger
> -listener
> -listener
> -DXmlLogger.file=log.xml
> -lib D:\Programmi\CruiseControl\lib\cruisecontrol- antprogresslogger.jar
> Does this tell you anything already, maybe a known problem or a common
> pitfall?
> In case not, please tell me what information you need to try to help me,
> because I'm really short of ideas.
> Thank you very much for your help,
> Gabriele

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