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From <>
Subject AW: Tool for documenting Ant scripts
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 06:37:57 GMT
My first few cents:
- seems to be good

- doesnt handle <subant>

- good idea of handling multiple buildfiles

- can it deal with dynamic imports?
  <property name="import" value="default.xml" description="Override on command line"/>
  <import file="${import}"/>

- dealing with dynamic macros?
  <target name="init.macros" depends="macro.1, macro.2"/>
  <target name="macro.1" if="do.1">
      <macrodef name="macro"> ...
  <target name="macro.2" unless="do.1">
      <macrodef name="macro"> <!-- same macro name -->
  <target name="useit" depends="init.macros">

- Some words why no updates are needed: WebStart will check on each start.

- When reading the infos on the homepage, I havent found any license

Ok ... next step. I try starting that

- Warning of not signed application
- Good: whats new information
  -- i am missing a window title
  -- reverse order would be better (newest on top)
  -- close botton should be outside the textarea so you dont have to scroll for clicking
- Options dialog is missing a title
  -- PDF on OsX only?

- I try check.xml from Ant's codebase.
- Default settings: include imported, group nodes, concentrate lines, delete .dot, show macros,
  taskdefs, show ant+antcall, show targets, png, 

- Result: just a note on the buttom: "Operations completed. Check your directory for graphic
  What is my directory? I'll have a look at check.xml's directory. Ok - a "hidden" file (as
*.dot are
  associated with MSWord templates ;) - But no PNG.

- "Find Dot" Button. Another frame without title. The path shown is too long for the small
text field.
  The text field could have the width of the frame. Cancel.

- Error message: Cant run without Graphiz ... 
  Ok. When do you try to run this application? Why the ScriptDependency Visualizer quits after
that message?

Restart ...

- "Help" seems to print parts of the homepage as JavaDoc. Just "Help" as title is not good
IMO. You should always include
  the application name.

Ok, I had "problems" with DOT before. I'll retry the application for further information,
because there is no "requirements" section in the help.

Another time: "Operations completed" but only the .dot was created. (Having a look into that
file it seems to be ok for a user usually not reading these files.) 
You shouldnt print "completed" if there are steps missing: the creation the the PNG failed
because of missing DOT-application!

When seeing the main window you dont know when the creation will be done (it's directly done
after selecting the buildfile). 

There are some options deactivated
- Filter from node ...
- Filter through node ...
- Node ordering (Right-to-left + Left+to-right)


> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Douglas Bullard [] 
> Gesendet: Samstag, 24. November 2007 18:53
> An: Ant Users List
> Betreff: Re: Tool for documenting Ant scripts
> I should have added a link to my earlier post on my Ant tool, 
> this is  
> the page with sample output from different types of Ant 
> scripts:  
> l/html/using_ant_script_visualizer.html
> Douglas Bullard
> On Nov 21, 2007, at 08:25, Hans Schwaebli wrote:
> > I once seen that there is a tool to document Ant scripts. I 
> think it  
> > created HTML pages with images showing how the scripts and tasks  
> > relate to each other.
> >
> >  Can you please tell me the name of that tool so that I can 
> download  
> > it?
> >
> >
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