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From "Bizard Nicolas (KIRO 41)" <>
Subject RE: zipfileset help
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 08:27:42 GMT
Hi, code example from the ant apache online manual :

<zipfileset src="" includes="**/*.jar" />
Hope that fits your need.


-----Original Message-----
From: Frederich, Eric P21322 [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 7:06 PM
Subject: zipfileset help


Is it possible to include all of the contents of all jar files inside of
a directory like "lib" into a new jar?
I can specify all jar files for a classpath while compiling like so...

        <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${build}" debug="on" target="5">
              <fileset dir="lib">
                <include name="**/*.jar"/>

The following gets done what I need it to do, I just don't like how I
have to list all of the .jar files explicitly

        <jar jarfile="${dist}/SVGViewer-${DSTAMP}.jar"

            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-anim.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-awt-util.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-bridge.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-codec.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-css.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-dom.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-extension.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-ext.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-gui-util.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-gvt.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-parser.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-script.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-svg-dom.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-svggen.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-swing.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-transcoder.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-util.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/batik-xml.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/js.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/pdf-transcoder.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/xalan-2.6.0.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/xerces_2_5_0.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/xml-apis-ext.jar" />
            <zipfileset src="lib/xml-apis.jar" />
                <attribute name="Main-Class"
value="" />

Thanks in advance,

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