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From Francisco Tolmasky <>
Subject Alternative to subant
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:42:40 GMT
My project currently uses a common build file to build a number of sub- 
(each of which may also have a sub-project as well).  My first  
inclination was thus
to use the subant task to build all these subprojects, as so (almost  
straight out of
and subtask documentation):

     <macrodef name = "iterate">

         <attribute name = "target"/>

             <subant inheritall="false" inheritrefs="false" target =  
"@{target}" genericantfile = "build.xml">
                 <dirset dir = "." includes = "*.subproj"/>


     <target name = "Build-Project">

	<!-- Do Stuff -->

	<iterate target = "Build-Project" />

However, this fails with "subant task calling its own parent target."   
This shouldn't be happening
because I am calling the target on a different directory.  I snooped  
around the web and enough
people have run into this for me to consider it a bug and thus a lost  
cause.  My question instead
is how to alternatively achieve this same effect.  I tried using  
<apply executable = "ant"> to
achieve something similar to this, but with little luck.  Any thoughts  
or suggestions?


Francisco Tolmasky

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