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From Rob Seegel <>
Subject Re: Handling multiple subproject in J2EE app
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 13:00:58 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> The ant tasks for maven are very similar, but I have found them to be 
> -at the time I was looking at them for my book - to be of a fairly low 
> quality. The authors werent heavy Ant users -it was the maven team after 
> all- and were written with no tests, no reentrancy, and fairly weak 
> failure modes. Also, Ivy is way better at handling complex dependency 
> setups, with different paths for different custom tasks, etc. That said, 
> Maven profiles may achieve something similar.

Just to echo my agreement here. I didn't find the Maven tasks usable 
out-of-the-box (perhaps I was using an early version). The effort that 
went into creating the tasks appeared to be grudging, at best, and I ran 
into several issues early on.

  I had to go into the source and add better error reporting, and other 
minor modifications.s Also, in order to make them more usable in our 
system, I found that I had to wrap the tasks inside friendlier macros. 
It was a bit more work than I expected and a hassle, and I was close to 
yanking the tasks out at some point and replacing it with Ivy. 
Unfortunately, by that time I felt like I'd already had a time 
investment and wasn't ready to start from scratch with another tool.

In retrospect, I'd have probably gone with Ivy, since its dependency 
management appears to be more robust. The only benefit of going with the 
Maven2 tasks that I can think of is that you already have the start of a 
pom.xml if your project migrates to using Maven2. The entire process 
helped me to gain a better understanding of Maven2 and its configuration 
and repositories, which was nice, but I would have rather spent that 
time working on real code, instead of finessing the Maven plugin.


> The Ivy stuff doesnt need Ant, but the team all use ant, it is an apache 
> project under these days, and we may move to tighter 
> coupling in future.
> If you are sticking with Ant, use Ivy.

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