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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Ant vs Apache
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 18:14:04 GMT
Hi, there.

Generally, you should ask for help with Ant on the Ant Users List. I've 
cced the list on this email so that others can offer you their help. If 
you don't want to join the mailing list, you can follow any replies 
through the web archive[1].

Before I answer your specific questions, I should note that Ant is not a 
turnkey program intended for typical end users. It is a utility that is 
used by technically savvy users to automate tasks such as building 
software from source code or testing that software works as designed. If 
that describes your situation, then we will be glad to help you come up 
to speed. If you are just looking for an end user program, though, you 
may want to ask yourself why you want to use Ant in the first place.

Still reading? Ok, then. I'm assuming you are running on Windows. So far 
as I know, Ant is not available individually bundled into a Windows 
installer file. The Ant project releases the Ant program bundled into a 
ZIP file, a .tar.gz file and a .tar.bz2 file. The latter two are 
primarily for Unix systems, the ZIP file primarily for installing on a 
Windows machine. You have to extract the contents of the ZIP file to 
some directory on your hard drive before you can use it.

Ant is often bundled with other programs such as IDEs, and some of these 
have windows installers. You may want to get an installer that gives you 
Ant as a side effect of installing the other program. Whether you go 
this route will depend on what specifically you want to do with Ant.

Assuming you still want to install Ant itself, you should note that Ant 
by itself has no graphical user interface (although there are projects 
that add one[2]). Instead, you have to call Ant from a command line 
window. In order to be able to do that, you have to set up the command 
shell environment so that the command shell can find where you installed 
both Ant and Java. That is what the manual is instructing you to do when 
it talks about setting the PATH variable and the JAVA_HOME variable, and 
unfortunately it is a step you will have to do yourself. Here is a 
reference to Microsoft's documentation on how to do that for Windows XP 

And to answer your question, you do not need "Apache" (by which you mean 
the Apache HTTP Server) installed to use Ant. They are completely 
separate save that the Apache Software Foundation is the organization 
that develops both of them.

I hope that helps.


T. T. Klugh wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> I found your email at the Ant site.
> I recently downloaded Ant, but don't see any "Install" icon anywhere.
> Do I need Apache in order for Ant to work?
> Re: Instructions like setting Bin in Path and this in that makes no 
> sense to me.
> Isn't there another way to get Ant working?
> Any help is appreciated,
> Thomas T. Klugh
> New York City

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