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Subject Re: ANT 1.7: ManifestClasspath How does it work??
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 10:43:38 GMT
Hi Listeners

With the following code:
<manifestclasspath property=3D"jar.classpath"  jarfile=3D"BlogJDO_EJBClient.=
=09=09<file name=3D"connector_1_5_0.jar"/>
=09         <file name=3D"ejb_2_0.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"jaas_1_0_0.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"jdbc_2_0-stdext.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"jdo_2_0_0.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"jta_1_0_1.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"lido-api.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"lido-entity.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"lido-jca.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"lido-rdb.jar"/>
=09=09<file name=3D"lido-rt.jar"/>
=09<filelist refid=3D"jdbc.filelist"/>

<echo message=3D"ManifestClasspath=3D${jar.classpath}"/>

I got 2 different lists if the build.xml is called locally from the =20
command prompt or from a super build.xml via <ant dir=3D"mydir">

Locally, the echo is
       [echo] ManifestClasspath=3Dconnector_1_5_0.jar ejb_2_0.jar =20
jaas_1_0_0.jar jdbc_2_0-stdext.jar jdo_2_0_0.jar jta_1_0_1.jar =20
lido-api.jar lido-entity.jar lido-jca.jar lido-rdb.jar lido-rt.jar =20
db2jcc.jar db2jcc_javax.jar db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar

And from a super build.xml
       [echo]ManifestClasspath=3D../connector_1_5_0.jar ../ejb_2_0.jar =20
../jaas_1_0_0.jar ../jdbc_2_0-stdext.jar ../jdo_2_0_0.jar =20
../jta_1_0_1.jar ../lido-api.jar ../lido-entity.jar ../lido-jca.jar =20
../lido-rdb.jar ../lido-rt.jar ../db2jcc.jar .
./db2jcc_javax.jar ../db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar

which leads to an NoClassDefFoundError at execution of the ear (the =20
local ManifestClasspath is the "rigth" one!)


On 11/8/07, Francis ANDRE <> wrote:
> Can somebody explain me how the ManifestClassPath is working?? I am trying=
> use it for building multiple jars dependencies within an ear but I =20
> never get the
> "rigth" Class-Path in the

Sharing your current Ant code and showing how/why it's not "right"
would help. Otherwise we can only point you to the doc ;-) --DD

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