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From Saladin Sharif <>
Subject Re: ant script just hang when checking out of CVS [Similar problem with cvstagdiff]
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 17:28:47 GMT
I am not certain why the cvstagdiff was hanging, but I was able to achieve the same functionality
that I was looking for by using the CVS task and passing it the "diff" as a command line option.
 For example:

<cvs dest="${cvs.checkout.dir}" output="${cvs.checkout.dir}/out1.txt" error="${cvs.checkout.dir}/out2.txt">
    <argument line="diff --brief"/>

That is good enough for what I am trying to do; plus since I am using the cvs task instead
of the exec task, I am assuming that my ANT script should be platform independent (i.e. run
on both windows and unix).
Thanks for your help,

* Saladin Sharif
* e-mail:
* Visit homepage @

----- Original Message ----
From: Dominique Devienne <>
To: Ant Users List <>;
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 8:10:50 AM
Subject: Re: ant script just hang when checking out of CVS [Similar problem with cvstagdiff]

On 9/26/07, Saladin Sharif <> wrote:
> triggered a JVM thread dump on the hanging Ant
> process.  I have copied and pasted the thread dump at
> the end of this e-mail message.

Nothing that looks unusual there. The cvs command was forked, and the
stream pumper on another thread is reading the output of the command.

In the past (months? years?), some people complained cvstagdiff was
taking an inordinate amount of time compared to the same command on
the command line. You haven't said anything on how long the command
takes on the CLI, and whether this time changes or not with <exec>.
You could try testing on a smaller repo or inside a subset of your

If someone the command slows down, how long have you waited before
asserting it hangs? Doing the test on a very small repo might allow it
to complete in a "reasonnable" time.

Also, try thread dumps at different times, to see if you can get a
different stack-trace.

> > 2) Provide relevant information: version of CVS
> > client? version of CVS
> > server? JVM? Ant version? OS? etc...
> * CVS client version:
> Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.22 (client)

I'd try CVSNT. I've always used it on Windows, and used to do
cvstagdiff with it (a long time ago). I get it from TortoiseCVS,
rather than the CVSNT stand-alone install.

> Thanks for the suggestions,

I'm running out of ideas. If nothing works, modify cvstagdiff to work
off a cvs diff file output separately by a different command, and
combine it with an <exec>.

There's a remote possibility that your server outputs something that
throws off the parsing code of cvstagdiff, but the thread dump does
not point to such an issue. --DD

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