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From supareno <>
Subject keytool with ant
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 13:59:17 GMT
hi guys,

i tried this with and under ubuntu 7.04 with a jdk 1.5 and eclipse...

command line:
keytool -genkey -alias <alias> -keystore <certifname> -keypass 
"<keypass>" -dname "<dname>" -storepass "<storepass>"
<target name="keytoolexec" depends="jarfile">
   <exec dir="." executable="keytool" os="Linux" failonerror="true">
             <arg value="-genkey "/>
             <arg value="-alias ${alias} />
             <arg value="-keystore ${keystore_name}" />
             <arg value="-keypass ${keypass}" />
             <arg value="-dname ${dname}" />
             <arg value="-storepass ${storepass}" />           

the command line works well but with ant it fails !!
the error is the "-alias" argument...
i tried with:

<arg value="-genkey  -alias ${alias} -keystore ${keystore_name} -keypass 
${keypass} -dname ${dname} -storepass ${storepass}" />
and it fails again :-(

did anybody try this and did it without error??


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