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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Passing property from subproject back to parent project
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2007 09:33:54 GMT


David Weintraub wrote:
> Simple answer: No.

Not with Ant Core but with antcontrib <antfetch> task

> More complex answer: You could create a file using echo tasks that
> would write a *.properties file that would then be read in by the
> calling build script. Very intelligent, but I think this would be the
> only way of doing it.
> On 10/12/07, <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use ANT to build a number of subprojects all controlled from one master parent
ANT build file. I use the <ant antfile="subproject1/build.xml" target="test"/> task
to call various targets in subprojects.
>> In the subproject-targets I set properties, but they are not available in the parent
project. The manual for the "ant" task says that a new project is created for each ant call,
so I assume that's why the properties are not set in the parent project.
>> Here my question:
>> Is there a way how I can access properties set in a subproject in the parent project?
>> Here is one use case:
>> In subprojects I use the junit failureproperty option to indicate a test failure,
I don't fail the build on a test failure, because I want to run tests for all subprojects
and generate reports, etc. In my parent project I want to check for these properties and generate
an HTML summary page with links to the detailed results.
>> Any advice is appreciated.

nearly the same question has been asked lately, see =

Regards, Gilbert

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