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From "Robert Clark" <>
Subject Re: Exec is failing, command line works fine
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 21:35:38 GMT
On Tuesday October 2, 2007, "Steve Middleton" 
<> wrote:

> As for the environment variables, the documentation for "emake" is
> lacking, but it doesn't mention anything about environment
> variables, so I'm not entirely sure.  I've contacted support for
> EurekaLog, but they simply told me they haven't heard of this issue
> as of yet.
> Is there anything else this could be?

I'm afraid I'm running low on ideas. The original error message:

  "** error 1 ** deleting Debug_Build"

is obviously from emake, but I've never used it so I have no idea what 
it actually means. All we know for sure is that Ant was able to run 
the program.

> Not sure if it has anything to do with this issue, but when I
> try to redirect the output of emake.exe to a file, it says "The
> handle is invalid."

When you redirected the output, did you use the "output" attribute of 
the <exec/> task?

You might also want to try the "vmlauncher" attribute of <exec/>, but 
setting it to "true". The docs for the <exec/> contain more detains 
on why this might work.

Perhaps posting a snippet of the debug output that shows the native 
command being executed and the setup of the native command will 
prompt an brainstorm from someone else on the list.

- Rob

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