I figured that was the requirement ... unfortunately I have no control over the format of either path. All I get is two properties, each is an absolute path, and I need to make a fileset using one as the dir and excluding the other.

My other thought was to look into trimming off the first bit of the exclude path though I'm not sure how I would do that either. AntContrib has the propertyregex task but that could get tricky with different path separators on different OSs. Anyone know of a 'substring' type task?


Dominique Devienne wrote:
On 9/17/07, Eric Dalquist <eric.dalquist@doit.wisc.edu> wrote:
<fileset id="projectFiles"

Not recommended indeed, but if you really can't change that

excludes="/a/b/c/d/**" />

This is wrong. Needs to be relative to dir attribute above. So should
be d/** only.


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