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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: [Ant 1.6.5] Question on "OutOfDate" Usage
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:27:08 GMT
On 9/28/07, Dominique Devienne <> wrote:
> On 9/28/07, Anil VVNN <> wrote:
> > I'm trying to use "OutOfDate" task for the following requirement,[...]
> >       <targetfiles>
> >         <pathelement path="${}"/>
> >       </targetfiles>
> > [...]
> > But is called always (no matter whether there is a change
> > to XSD's or not).
> Could be that your "target files" should be all the generated files
> inside, instead of (or in addition to) just
> If any target file is older than any source file, the sequential will
> fire. Could be you only need a <touch> on in the
> sequential too.
> The problem with this approach is that the sequential will no fire for
> missing generated files, and to deal with this, you either need to use
> <filelist> in targetfiles, if you know the generated file names
> (possibly via a mapper and the input sources), or write a custom task
> that records all generated files after each sequential, so test
> they're all here and up-to-date on the next run (what I did in my
> <jaxb> task in BugZilla). --DD

The targetfile in this case is just the top-level directory, which
may not get updated each time - so it is always out-of-date.

However, you do not need to use <outofdate> for the xjc ant
task as it has its own dependecy check, if it is configured.

This is the <macro> I used:
  <!-- Macro: compile-xsd -->
  <macrodef name="compile-xsd">
    <attribute name="xsd"/>
    <attribute name="package" default="@{xsd}"/>
      <xjc schema="${main.dir}/schema/@{xsd}.xsd"
        <produces dir="${}/com/COMPANY/presence/xsd/@{package}"

(Note the produces nested element).

and use:

 <target name="compile-xsd">
    <mkdir dir="${}"/>
    <compile-xsd xsd="data-model" package="datamodel"/>
    <compile-xsd xsd="pidf"/>
    <compile-xsd xsd="rpidf"/>

Another technique to use with <outofdate> is to pick
a file that *always* gets updated (given the particular input)
when a 3-party ant task is used.

For example:
  <macrodef name="gen-java-from-wsdl">
    <attribute name="wsdl"  description="s"/>
    <attribute name="targetfile"/>
    <attribute name="package"/>
        <sourcefiles path="@{wsdl}"/>
        <targetfiles path="@{targetfile}"/>
            <mapping namespace="${ws.ns}" package="@{package}"/>
            <classpath refid="main.path"/>

in this case the target file is a file and not a directory.


What DD is saying about missing files is correct, but it is also
true for <javac> and other tasks.

One should always do an ant clean if one changes the source drastically.


PS, please please do not use <antcall>


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