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From Dan Vint <>
Subject Finding the command from exec task
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 05:16:25 GMT
I have a situation where I'm using the exec task to run a program. The 
underlying program is sensitive to the use of double or single quotes. At 
the command line without Ant I can get two different results from the 
program I'm calling. When I put this call into Ant I get the result from 
having used the single quotes. So I ave tried an argument that looks like 

argument="-a 'test'" and I have tried argument='-a "test"'

both are accepted by Ant, but I get the same result from the underlying 
program in both cases. It's liek the quotes are being normalized to some 
standard. What I would like to see is the actual command as it is executed 
with the program and its arguments.

There aren't any parameters to this task to capture that information, any 
idea how I might get this information?


Danny Vint

Specializing in Panoramic Images of California and the West

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