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From <>
Subject AW: AW: What should be downloaded
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:00:10 GMT
> wrote:
>> Is that ok?
>Wow, quick work. Thanks, Jan, that looks great. I have a few 
>minor edits 
>and wanted to get the subdirectory info in there, but I'm having 
>Subversion issues today so I'll have to check in the changes later.

Ok - that is a starting point.

>>> and not all Ant users are 
>>> programmers. Thanks.
>> ??? really? What are the other scenarios (for non-developers)?
>Well, I can think of several groups that I've seen running it. One is 
>sysadmins that use Ant for various deployment and system maintenance 
>tasks. They may even be responsible for keeping a build 
>machine running 
>for developers. They are technical, yes, but not necessarily 
>Another group is QA testers who may use Ant to automate testing, 
>particularly with tools like Canoo WebTest[1] or with a custom 
>built system.
>Yet another is anyone installing an application that requires the 
>running of Ant to perform or complete the installation. Any 
>distributed using Ant Installer[2] or Antigen[3] would fit into this 
>category, to name just two.
>Then there are all the document handling solutions such as the 
>one Mark 
>mentioned in his email. Ant is ideal for hiding multiple XSLT 
>and just "building" output documents from input XML. XML 
>is another example of this.
>Those are just a few examples that spring to mind. I'm sure there are 
>many others.

Thanks you two for pointing out.


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