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From "Vihan Pandey" <>
Subject Re: SSH Authentication Errors
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2007 08:19:25 GMT
> I'm using <scp> and <sshexec> tasks in a build script.  These work
> well from my own PC, but when someone tries to run the script from a
> different computer, the script fails with an authentication error.
> I have been using <scp> and <sshexec> for so long, I no longer
> remember what I did to resolve this issue when I had it.
> We built the example app that is distributed with JSch.jar.
>  We were able to use Shell to connect to the target system, so it
> seems we have some ability to connect, but the ANT scripts continue to
> fail.

Do you authenticate through password or keys alone or keys + passphrase?


- vihan

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