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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Parallel Forked JUnit Runs?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:57:07 GMT
Dees, Ian (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> Since the <junit> task is actually forking the JVMs, I don't think that
> putting the <junit> task in <parallel> will work. I'd have to put
> multiple <junit>'s inside the <parallel>. Is there a more elegant way to
> do this?
> I suppose I could extend the <junit> task's forkMode to add a parallel. 

-it would need a new mode. you'd also want to add a limit to the 
parallelisation, ideally something that could be driven by the #of 
cores, though as every user's config varies, that gets complex fast (and 
I dont know a Java api call to get the count of real CPUs), then there's 
memory/HDD limitations.

-Ive done <junit> in <parallel> to test SOAP clients against different 
endpoints...each one was the same test hierarchy against a different 
remote endpoint, with different jvm properties. a <presetdef> sets up 
most of the run, then you run four copies in parallel with different 

-the other use of the multiple CPUs is to set up VMWare/Xen images of 
different platforms, and run builds in these. You need even more memory, 
but can have something like hudson or luntbuild testing specific 
projects, modules or branches in the repository while the developer 
works on it.


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