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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: ant script just hang when checking out of CVS [Similar problem with cvstagdiff]
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:51:25 GMT
On 9/26/07, Saladin Sharif <> wrote:
> So far I have not received any responses to my
> question.  Was my question too difficult to answer?

Sarcasm really gets you anywhere with people that help other for free.

> Why does the cvstagdiff Ant task NOT work when I have
> the CVSROOT environment variable set with the
> password?  Is this a bug in Ant?  Should I request a
> fix for it?

"Request a fix" won't get you anywhere. There are a few things you can
explore on your own:
1) Where does it hang? Google how to trigger a thread dump of your JVM
and post it. If there's really a hang, that may give so clues.
2) Provide relevant information: version of CVS client? version of CVS
server? JVM? Ant version? OS? etc...This may not get you an answer
still, but at least you're willing to give enough details for someone
to help you.
3) Try the same command line (a) at the command line, then (b) in Ant,
in <exec>, to see if  the <exec> version, which uses Ant, somehow
works when <cvstagdiff> doesn't.
4) Show that you've done some research on your own. Google is your friend.

In general, people will help right away if they know the answer
already, or can find it out easily. If not, which should someone else
invest time in helping you for free? Sometimes some question simply
don't interest the community too... --DD

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