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Subject Java error in heretofore stable, working task
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:51:18 GMT
Pertinent facts:
Ant - version 1.7.0
JDK - version

I have a task that has been performing as expected for about five months. Today, with no change
in the version of Ant, the build.xml file, the JDK, the stylesheet, or the XSLT processor,
this error occurred for the first time (and appears on all subsequent attempts to run the

build.xml:82: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

The task beginning on line 82 is:

<xslt style="${env.REPORTS_HOME}/Errors/PackedField/xslt/stage-1.xslt" in="${xml.dir}/${DSTAMP}.c.xml"
out="${xml.dir}/${DSTAMP}.d.xml" processor="trax">
  <param name="position-codes" expression="${env.REPORTS_HOME}/hiring-report/xml/position-translation.xml"

When I run the transformation from the command line, the output document is produced with
no complaint.

My command line invocation is:

java net.sf.saxon.Transform  -o ./xml/20070823.d.xml ./xml/20070823.c.xml ./xslt/stage-1.xslt

I tried replacing the <xslt> task with a <java> task to see if the problem was
related to the code behind the <xslt> task, but so far I haven't been able to get the
java task to execute.

Java task:

<java classname="net.sf.saxon.Transform" fork="true">
  <arg value="o ./xml/20070823.d.xml" />
  <arg value="./xml/20070823.c.xml" />
  <arg value="./xslt/stage-1.xslt" />
  <arg value="position-codes=H:/reports-FY07/hiring-report/xml/position-translation.xml"

The error I'm getting on the Java task is:

     [java] Bad param=value pair on command line: ./xslt/stage-1.xslt
     [java] Saxon 8.7.3J from Saxonica
     [java] Usage: java net.sf.saxon.Transform [options] source-doc style-doc {param=value}...

A Google search on "ant java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException xslt" has not yielded
anything useful.

Something that suddenly stops working without an obvious explanation is very troubling. Does
anyone have an idea on this?

Charles Knell - email

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