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From "Vihan Pandey" <>
Subject for task with inline exec?
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:11:29 GMT
        O.K, this question is about an Ant Contrib task(the for task).
But I observed that Ant Contrib lists(ant-contrib-csv and
ant-contrib-developers) was mainly for the developers of package
itself rather than its users. So apologies if this is the wrong list
to post this question. If it is not the wrong list, here's the
question :

I am generating a build.xml via an echoxml :

<echoxml file="build.xml.static-assets">

 <project name="deployment" default="init" basedir=".">

   <target name="replace-re01">
        <echo message="JS Versioning re01:"/>
<for list="autoassist,autoassist_profile,book,calendar,clarity,ct-login,effects,filter,forums-application,forums-controls,forums-dragdrop,forums-effects,forums-lowpro,forums-prototype,hotel_results,lightbox,multi_step_page,profile,prototype,sort,trips"
<replace dir="${docroot-re01}" token="/javascripts/@{myval}.js"
<include name="**/*.html"/>
<include name="**/*.shtml"/>


O.K, the ${docroot-re01} is defined in my Also, the
values I am giving in my list="..." above can be got from as well via :

# cat | grep .js-version | sed
s/.js-version=v.[0-9]*/,/g | tr -d '\n' | sed s/,$//g

Is there anyway I can avoid hardcoding the list="..." and substitute
it with the bash one liner above via on exec or something?

Or is there a way to define that exec output into a viable and and
then putting it in list="..."
Help is much appreciated!


- vihan

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